Music Lessons

Lessons available for

PIANO • Guitar • Ukulele
 Clarinet • Sax • Trumpet
 French Horn

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Weekly private lessons available in my home studio. All lessons are $18 for a half hour except pair lessons, which are $27 per half hour.

I want everyone to love music as much as I do!

I am an encouraging teacher who knows how to pose a challenge and understand what a student needs. All my work has the student at heart.


Age 8 -108


Beginner to High School band level for Clarinet, Trumpet, Saxophone, and French Horn.

All ages and abilities welcome.


No matter what your history is with the piano, I can help you enjoy it! All my students learn the following:


  • How to play a song by ear
  • Reading music and chord charts
  • Chord theory and how to use it to play any pop music
  • Songwriting
  • How to sing and play
  • Transposing to a different key


The genre is up to you. I am a classically trained pianist, but I also play ragtime, jazz and pop. Show me the music you love!

Students aged 8-108


Beginner to intermediate you can learn to rock the campfire or start your own band!  I can show you:


  • All the chords you could ever need
  • Common (and not so common) strumming patterns
  • How to sing and play
  • Reading chord charts, TAB and standard notation
  • Clever riffs
  • How to learn a song by ear
  • Transposing to a different key
  • Music theory
  • Songwriting

For all ages as this is the perfect gateway to guitar for younger players!


We will learn:


  • Open chords
  • How to sing and play
  • Reading chord charts, TAB and standard notation
  • Fun riffs
  • Music Theory
  • Songwriting



Have a band instrument you want to reconnect with or learn?...Need help in band?

Here’s what we might do: learn to be a confident sight reader, hear what others are playing; play with accompaniment, music theory, fun riffs, songwriting, and how to learn a song by ear.

Kids’ Jam


• For children aged 4-9 with a parent
• Perfect for beginners

• This ten session class is for kids who want to try a variety of instruments in a supportive environment. We play music games, learn chord theory, write songs, build our own instruments, start a marching band, and generally make lots of fun noise.


We play familiar songs using:

Piano, Ukulele, Guitar, Djembe & other percussion, Boom Whackers, Kazoos, Our voices

We also get to try other instruments just for fun!

Accordion, Trombone and Trumpet, Violin (including the Erhu, or Chinese violin), Clarinet, Saxophone, Cello, Banjo

But I Don’t Have Any Talent!

Many of us say this about ourselves or our loved ones, but it is a terrible myth! As a music teacher with nearly twenty years of experience with hundreds of students, I am pleased to report that I have not encountered a single person who is a complete musical dud. Everyone who wants to can learn music, even if they begin lessons before they can feel the beat or if they can’t carry a tune in a bucket. Don’t worry – you will!


Think of it this way: you have likely already learned three of the most challenging skills known to humankind. We don’t say that only certain children have an aptitude for walking, talking or reading. For the most part, we simply expect them to keep working hard at these tremendously challenging (but immensely rewarding) tasks. Music is available for all of us to learn.


No one will tell you that learning to play music is easy, because it is not. It takes just as much effort and support as learning to read or speak a language, and just as much getting up and trying again as learning to walk.  But anyone can do it if they are encouraged to keep at it over time, and the pleasure gained from it is immeasurable.

Sure, having natural ability helps, but raw talent is a small part of the equation for learning something new. More important by far is determination, that stick-to-it –ivness that keeps a person trying hard to do something they know matters.


And music matters,